Residential Gallery

Stone Image Concrete Designs can create beautiful residential flooring systems for many different areas of your home. While entry ways, kitchens, dining rooms and large living areas are the most common applications, there are a number of other rooms and areas that can benefit from our custom decorative concrete designs.

The Garage

While polished garage concrete flooring has become a popular DIY enhancement in all of the home improvement shows and magazines, homeowners have discovered that these solutions do not have the wear and abrasion resistance that was promised. Stone Image Concrete Designs offers a gorgeous, long-lasting alternative using our unique concrete products and solutions. Choose from a showroom floor quality metallic ground polish look or a more conventional concrete appearance to enhance and transform your garage that can handle heavy traffic and is resistant to both staining and chemical exposure.

The Basement

While not every home has a basement, we offer residential flooring systems that address the worries of homeowners with regard to flooding or moisture exposure. Florida is not exempt from these concerns and while it is easy to find ideas designed to protect the rest of your home, there aren’t many flooring solutions designed to protect your basement flooring. Stone Image Concrete Designs can work with you to create a custom decorative concrete design that will add flair and function to a basement or other alternative living area within your home that is prone to moisture or flooding damage.

Pool Decks and Patios

Studies reveal that as many as 97 percent of residential swimming pools in the United States are surrounded and supported by concrete. Why settle for dull, traditional looking outdoor concrete solutions when you can get a gorgeous custom decorative concrete design to accent and protect your pool deck and patio? Stone Image Concrete Design can apply our beautiful and durable pool deck coatings to any stable concrete pool deck or patio to create the look of marble, flagstone, brick, slate and much more in a variety of colors, finishes and styles. Our pool deck coatings can be designed to improve slip resistance around your pool, improving not just the look of your pool area, but the safety function of your deck as well.

In addition to all of these project options and opportunities, our residential clients can also choose from an expansive list of decorative concrete finishes. Due to the high quality products and solutions used to create our custom flooring systems, there is no limit to what Stone Image Concrete Designs can do to create a gorgeous, durable decorative concrete finish for your indoor or outdoor residential project.

Choose from the following decorative concrete finishes:

  • Thin-Stamped Overlays – A popular application that is used frequently by architects and property owners to create a beautiful concrete surface without having to replace the existing concrete.
  • Splatter Texture Finishes – Originally created to be a spray-on, non-slip coating for pool decks, sidewalks and driveways, this type of finish is now used to create a variety of splatter textures and knockdown decorative concrete finishes that have the appearance of stone, tile, brick and other natural materials.
  • Acid Stained Concrete – One of the most basic and affordable custom decorative concrete solutions available, here a decorative look is achieved by acid staining the existing concrete using a professional chemical solution.
  • Slate Trowel Down Finish – This type of application is a top choice of many residential clients because it requires less labor and is easier for our professional technicians to install. Random slate or stone textures are created by artfully applying one of our top-quality finish products using a basic trowel.

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