Contractors / Architects Restoration

In some instances, our contractor and architect clients are more interested in concrete flooring restoration than they are a brand new installation. Stone Image Concrete Designs has the quality concrete flooring products and skilled technicians available to get the job done. While many clients choose decorative concrete flooring or specialized custom pool deck flooring projects, the products that we use were originally designed to be used to create durable concrete surface restoration results.

Save and Improve with Concrete Flooring Restoration

If you have a good foundation of concrete at the job site, there’s no reason to put up with unsightly, cracked or stained concrete. Our products can be used indoors for concrete flooring restoration or outdoors to repair and improve outdoor projects, including driveways, walkways, patios and pool deck surfaces.

There’s no reason to tear out the existing concrete and replace it to improve the look, feel and function of your concrete flooring. Stone Image Concrete Designs works with our architect and contractor clients to design a custom concrete surface restoration plan that minimizes cracks and helps conceal staining, while providing clean, consistent and durable results. Not only will your concrete look better than it has in years, it will also be stronger than ever before.

Our concrete flooring products can restore and protect from:

  • expansion cracks
  • surface damage
  • scrapes, scratches and pits
  • discolored concrete
  • chemical damage

Concrete Surface Restoration and Decorative Concrete Flooring

The products that we use are often used in a number of applications, covering projects such as decorative concrete flooring installation all the way through concrete flooring restoration. Because of this cross over, many of our contractor and architectural clients choose to expand beyond basic concrete flooring restoration and work with our designers and installers to create custom flooring results.

In addition to repairing and sealing your existing concrete from years of damage and neglect, Stone Image Concrete Designs can also help you to choose a decorative concrete flooring solution. Our concrete flooring products can be used to repair and improve your existing concrete in residential, commercial, manufacturing and industrial settings, according to your specific needs and requirements.

Contact Us Today to Get Started

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