Contractors / Architects Products

Stone Image Concrete Designs has a team of professional designers and installers on staff that can create a truly custom concrete flooring system for residential, commercial, manufacturing and industrial clients. In some cases, we work directly with home, business and property owners to create a long-lasting, great-looking finished product.

However, we also work directly with contractors and architects to install our decorative concrete finishes, seamless flooring and high performance systems.

Decorative Concrete Finishes

The products that we use to create all of our decorative concrete finishes have been carefully chosen in order to achieve optimum results. From the THIN-FINISH (TM), TEXTURE-PAVE (TM) and MICRO-FINISH (TM) pre-mixed overlay products to the specialized ULTRA-STONE (TM) antiquing stain and PORTION CONTROL COLORANT (TM) that we use to customize the look and feel of your decorative concrete flooring, Stone Image Concrete Designs only works with the best. Top quality products produce long-lasting, durable and great-looking results. All of our designers and technicians have been extensively trained in the use of these specific products to ensure a well-planned and executed installation every time.

Custom Seamless Flooring

To achieve the beautiful seamless concrete flooring that we install regularly in both commercial and residential properties, Stone Image Concrete Designs again turns to high quality, durable flooring products. From the QUICK-CRACK (TM) repair fill and HYDRA-STONE (TM) dye stain that we use to establish the custom seamless flooring look, to the clear urethane, epoxy and REFLECTOR (TM) enhancers that we use to bring it all together, the products we use make this beautiful flooring possible. Our clients require custom seamless flooring that can stand up to high traffic, while offering protection from water damage, chemical spills and excessive wear and tear. Our flooring systems also allow for easy maintenance, helping them to look great and outlast other conventional materials.

Industrial and Manufacturing Flooring

Taking the durability and resistance to chemical and impact damage to the next level, the concrete flooring systems that we create for our industrial and manufacturing clients demands even more from the products we use and the techniques our installers require to apply them. Stone Image Concrete Designs utilizes products that exceed industry standards, such as SPARTIC-ALL (TM), an RM Polyaspartic cellulose epoxy thickener, a high quality crack filer and injection epoxy and other highly durable flooring products to achieve the desired results. All of the custom flooring systems that we create for industrial and manufacturing clients are designed to outlast and outperform other conventional flooring materials, providing long-lasting results.

Working Together for Truly Custom Design

At Stone Image Concrete Designs we are committed to providing a truly custom design and professional quality concrete flooring system for each and every client we see. When it comes to working with contractors and architects, our team of designers and installers can provide these clients with a wide variety of product options, applications and finishes designed to achieve the desired results. Contact our office today by calling (352) 529-1138 to set up an appointment for a professional consultation.