Contractors / Architects Finishes

When you choose Stone Image Concrete Designs to handle your next residential, commercial or industrial project, you can choose from a wide variety of decorative concrete finishes and applications.

Our experienced technicians can mix and match the concrete flooring products we use to create the color, style, texture, look and performance that you desire.

We have an extensive line of professional flooring products that we work with to ensure that we are able to meet the demands of each and every client.

Concrete Coatings and Stains

The custom decorative concrete finishes that we are able to provide to our clients is achieved through the use of quality concrete coatings and stains by our highly trained technicians and designers. Used in conjunction with stamped concrete, vertical concrete applications, custom interior floors, precast concrete and conventional concrete for residential and commercial projects, these concrete coatings and stains add a custom look and feel to the finished product.

An unlimited array of color and stain choices can be used to produce a truly unique custom flooring system. The products that we use at Stone Image Concrete Designs are designed to outlast and outperform conventional concrete flooring products for unparallelled results.

Decorative Concrete Finishes

In order to provide our clients with a truly custom flooring system, we also use various techniques and methods to create a specific look and feel to the finished concrete. Finishes that look like granite, marble, slate and other natural stone materials are among the most popular choices used by our top clients.

Some of the methods employed by our technicians include:

  • Thin-Stamped Overlays – Creates a beautiful concrete surface without having to replace the existing concrete.
  • Splatter Texture Finishes – Creates concrete finishes that have the appearance of stone, tile, brick and other natural materials.
  • Acid Stained Concrete – A decorative look is achieved by acid staining the existing concrete using a professional chemical solution.
  • Slate Trowel Down Finish – Random slate or stone textures are created by artfully applying one of our top-quality finish products using a basic trowel.

Request an Estimate

Because there are so many options available to our clients, we recommend that contractors and architects schedule a consultation to meet with our professional designers and technicians regarding the professional flooring products and decorative concrete finishes that we can provide. If you would like to speak with one of our consultants, call us today at (352) 529-1138.