Commercial Products

Stone Image Concrete Designs is an authorized installer and distributor of high quality concrete flooring products. We provide concrete flooring systems and decorative concrete finishes that are designed to be used for commercial applications.

Choose from a variety of polymer modified cementitious overlayments, decorative concrete systems, concrete surface repair and regarding services for your commercial flooring needs. We also provide a variety of fluid applied residential, industrial and commercial flooring coatings.

Why Choose Stone Image Concrete Designs?

While there are many companies available in the central Florida area that promise to provide quality concrete flooring solutions, Stone Image Concrete Designs stands out from the crowd. We have been able to surpass the finished results and customer satisfaction of our competitors due to our use of superior concrete flooring products, coatings and systems.

Many of the cement modifiers currently in use by flooring companies have a lot of performance issues, due to the chemical solutions they use to create their decorative concrete finishes and coatings. At Stone Image Concrete Designs, we use a proven hybrid of multiple components and resins designed to provide our customers with long-lasting durability, without sacrificing the style, texture and appearance they desire.

Commercial Flooring Products

Through the use of superior concrete flooring products and coatings to create our decorative concrete finishes for our commercial clients, we are able to provide exceptional results. Most commercial flooring requires the ability to stand up to high traffic, while allowing for easy maintenance and care, throughout the life of the product. Our seamless resinous floor finishes provide the look and durability that many of our clients desire.

Stone Image Concrete Designs creates commercial flooring systems for property owners and architects that are designed to outperform and outlast any other concrete flooring products they have worked with in the past. Each system is designed according to the unique needs, specifications and locations of our commercial clients, providing unlimited customization through a wide selection of color, style, design and texture options.

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No one knows the capabilities of our concrete flooring products, applications and options available for our decorative concrete finishes, more than our highly trained professional design technicians. Contact Stone Image Concrete Designs for a consultation to determine which products and systems would work best to achieve the desired results at your commercial property. Call us today at (352) 529-1138 or click here to schedule a professional consultation.