Commercial Gallery

Stone Image Concrete Designs has the ability to work with commercial clients on a wide variety of project types, regardless of the size or scale of the job. From high end decorative finishes on seamless retail flooring to restoration projects or high performance floor coatings, hotel and residential community pool deck coatings and everything in between, we have the products, the techniques and the training to create custom concrete flooring according to your unique specifications and requirements.

Retail Flooring

Stone Image Concrete Designs can create seamless retail flooring for shopping malls, auto dealerships, small retail boutiques and much more. Choose from a variety of colors, patterns, textures, styles and products to design a unique concrete flooring system that will outperform and outlast other conventional flooring materials.

Commercial Residential Flooring

High end commercial residential flooring for hotels, hospitality suites, apartment complexes and other types of living spaces can all be custom designed through Stone Image Concrete Designs according to your project requirements. Seamless flooring, custom concrete flooring systems, restoration projects and more are available through our experienced technicians.

Industrial Flooring

In addition to seamless retail flooring, Stone Image Concrete Designs can also create unique concrete flooring systems for industrial businesses. High performance coatings designed to stand up to high traffic, chemical spills and other abrasives, such as warehouses, service bays, manufacturing facilities, chemical containment areas, airplane hangars and more.

Medical Flooring

Concrete flooring systems designed to stand up to the daily traffic and abuse at medical facilities are also available through Stone Image Concrete Designs. Whether you run a doctor’s office, hospital, emergency clinic or veterinarian’s office, our medical flooring will outperform any other material used for this type of business.

Our Products Make the Difference

While our highly skilled and trained technicians are a credit to the custom concrete flooring systems we design and install, the products that we use are what really set us apart from other seamless retail flooring and decorative concrete flooring installers. The products that we use can be applied to create an unlimited variety of decorative concrete and commercial flooring finishes.

Some of the applications that benefit from these products include:

  • concrete restoration (regrading, leveling, patching, etc.)
  • vertical wall finishes
  • decorative and conventional concrete
  • stamped and acid stained concrete
  • industrial flooring with chemical resistance protection
  • top quality high traffic surfaces
  • unique flooring systems for commercial and residential clients

Schedule a Professional Consultation

No one knows the capabilities of our concrete flooring products, applications and options available for our decorative concrete finishes, more than our highly trained professional design technicians. Contact Stone Image Concrete Designs for a consultation to determine which products and systems would work best to achieve the desired results at your commercial property. Call us today at (352) 529-1138 or click here to schedule a professional consultation.