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One of the first areas of your Ocala, Florida home that anyone will see is the front yard and driveway. A homeowner will maintain every aspect of their front yard, except the driveway. Well, we have a solution for that driveway, resurfacing with decorative concrete.

Driveway resurfacing with decorative concrete will add value to your home and curb appeal to your entire property.

One of the most important considerations for any driveway resurfacing is the finish and colors you choose. These will depend on a number of factors including your homes color, surrounding landscape, space available and your budget.

Decorative concrete – driveway resurfacing will allow you to design a truly unique color scheme and pattern that will be affordable and make your Ocala, Florida driveway low maintenance and the aesthetic focal point of your front yard.

Plain cement eventually wears and becomes weathered in Ocala, Florida, due to the extreme weather conditions. As it ages, you are bound to see fading and cracking. Instead of removing the old concrete and replacing it, many Ocala, Florida homeowners choose the cost effective option of decorative concrete driveway resurfacing. Applying a thin layer of decorative concrete to your driveway surface will cover up most, if not all the flaws.

By selecting decorative concrete driveway resurfacing, you have the ability to select any shape, size, color or pattern to apply on your driveway. From a plain broom finish, spray texture with multiple boarders, patterns and colors, tiled design, or a hand carved or custom taped stone design, the possibilities are endless.

It doesn’t end there by using decorative concrete driveway resurfacing. Your driveway will become part of the overall appearance of your Ocala, Florida home and not just the empty gray space in front of your house. Lastly, your decorative concrete driveway will be low maintenance. Wash it occasionally and every 12-18 months reseal to maintain and extend the life of your beautiful driveway.

Contact Stone Image Concrete Designs on line via our contact form, email address or by calling for decorative concrete driveway resurfacing for Ocala at 352-529-1138. Our team of trained staff can help choose the best options for your home providing long lasting, durable decorative concrete that you will be proud to show your family and friends. Call today to request a brochure, schedule a consultation or get an estimate.