What Style of Decorative Concrete Flooring is Best Suited for Your Florida Home?

florida-homeOne of the most important things to remember when renovating or decorating your home is that the materials you choose should complement and enhance the architectural style and construction of your home. While some interior decorators enjoy going for a more edgy approach, when it comes to choosing decorative concrete flooring for your home, your best bet is to choose a color, style and texture that suits your home.

While there are many different types of residential designs used throughout the state, we are going to focus on four of the most common architectural styles used in modern construction and seen in residential design today. As we work our way through each type of construction, you will see why it is important to choose and customize concrete flooring based upon which design will best enhance the architectural style of your home.

Coastal Construction

Homes that are near the coastal areas of Florida will frequently be designed in a coastal architectural style. This type of plan is usually very airy and features large floor to ceiling windows in order to maximize the ocean views. Outdoor living spaces, such as patios, pool areas and fire pits are also common to take advantage of cool breezes and beautiful sunsets. The type of materials used in this kind of construction are usually chosen to withstand high winds, salty air and extreme weather elements.

The type of decorative concrete flooring that would work best to enhance the architectural style of a coastal home design should include natural stamped concrete patterns, such as flagstone or slate. When it comes to customizing concrete flooring, natural colors should also be chosen to accentuate the materials used in the design of the home and its surroundings.

Spanish Style Construction

One of the most iconic Florida construction designs is Spanish style architecture. With natural-looking materials, such as stucco, red tiled, low-pitched roofs, wrought iron gated courtyards and arches over windows, doors and other entry ways. Colors typically used in Spanish style construction include lighter tones, such as white and pastel colors.

Because the red tiled roof is so essential to this type of construction, many homeowners choose to customize concrete flooring that simulates and enhances this architectural style. Stamped concrete patterns that look similar to Spanish tile, flagstone, European brick and natural slate are all good choices. Colors that complement the light-colored stucco of the home or match the red hues of the roof will work best with this type of design.

Modern Construction

A lot of the new construction in Florida tends to be modern. Sometimes referred to as contemporary, modern architecture usually encompasses asymmetrical shapes, multi-level rooflines, oversized windows and open floorplans. The design of these homes is usually very unique compared to more traditional construction, especially with regard to the size and location of the rooms.

The best decorative concrete flooring to enhance the architectural style of modern construction is polished concrete. Sleek, elegant and conducive to a minimalist design, property owners have the ability to customize this concrete flooring with variations on color and elevation of shine. Geometric designs with a high-shine polish are also a great choice for this type of residential architecture.

Green Home Construction

Because the primary idea behind green home architecture is to embrace an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, concrete flooring is a welcome choice for many designers. Green residential building is designed to reduce the impact on the environment and decorative concrete flooring helps to make the home more sustainable and energy efficient and prohibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria, aiding in air quality improvement.

In addition to all of these great earth-friendly benefits, decorative concrete flooring looks great and can really enhance the architectural style of green home construction. Stamped concrete patterns can give the look of natural stone without having to use raw materials that have to be mined and refined. Homeowners can customize concrete flooring with a variation on stains, colorization and sealants.

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