The Top 5 Trends in Decorative Concrete Flooring

flooring-trendsWhen most people think about residential flooring, they think about carpet and tile. However, one of the most popular trends in flooring today is decorative concrete flooring.

A variety of innovative products and techniques are used to achieve some pretty amazing results that will add a touch of class and glamor to any home or residential property.

#1 – Colorful Concrete Overlays

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to completely change the look and feel of your residential flooring, concrete overlays work by upgrading the appearance of existing concrete floors through the use of specially formulated polymer coatings. They are known in the business as colorful concrete overlays because the homeowner has the ability to choose from a variety of colors and designs to create a truly custom finished product.

Stone Image Concrete Designs can install colorful concrete overlays on concrete flooring that is in good condition and structurally sound. Renovation techniques are used to repair damaged or cracked flooring prior to application of any overlays or other types of decorative concrete flooring. Select from an array of bold or natural colors and styles to create the flooring of your dreams.

BONUS – The use of colorful concrete overlays is the most affordable way to take advantage of the latest concrete flooring trends in Florida. This type of application is easy to take are of and requires very little maintenance on the part of the homeowner.

#2 – Polished Concrete

Another popular method for upgrading your existing concrete flooring is polished concrete. The products used to create this effect give your flooring the look of a highly waxed surface. To apply this concrete flooring, the technicians buff down the surface of your existing concrete to a high shine. This can even be done with older floors that are still in good condition.

The effect of this type of decorative concrete flooring can be customized even further through the use of color. While this type of flooring is used most often in commercial retail or high end office buildings, it is also becoming very popular for use in residential properties, including homes, apartment buildings and hotels.

BONUS – This popular flooring trend in Florida provides a very polished look without all of the work and effort required to maintain a high shine polished floor. The result is a beautiful custom concrete floor that appears polished and shiny, without being slick or slippery.

#3 – Acid Stained Concrete

If you are looking for a classic, elegant type of decorative concrete flooring, acid stained concrete is the way to go. Acid stains can also be used on existing concrete, eliminating the need to completely remove and reinstall the base flooring. The acid stains contain a combination of metallic salts, water and acid that can be customized using an extensive pallet of colors.

The finished effect is very natural, combining multiple shades of the base color in a variety of hues and patterns. You will see this type of concrete flooring in Florida and the surrounding area at high end retail stores, shopping malls and in new home construction.

BONUS – Besides being able to completely customize the color and tones of this decorative concrete flooring system, property owners will find that this type of concrete flooring is the easiest to care for and maintain.

#4 – Stamped Concrete

One of the most popular flooring trends in Florida today is the use of stamped concrete. It can be used indoors and outdoors and is most often seen to create the effect of natural stone tile, brick and wood grain for patios, pool areas, kitchens, bathrooms and great rooms. A single color is generally recommended for this type of decorative concrete flooring, to better highlight the pattern and style of the stamping technique.

However, when you combine different patterns, colors and textures with this technique, the choices for customizing your residential or commercial flooring is endless. Contractors use stamping tools and, in some cases, stencils to create a consistent concrete flooring pattern.

BONUS – If you have ever estimated the cost of installing traditional Spanish tile in your home, you are aware that it is one of the most expensive materials on the market. Decorative concrete flooring that resembles Spanish tile can be installed at a fraction of the cost.

#5 – Scored Concrete

Add texture, dimension and shape to your decorative concrete flooring by choosing to use a scored concrete application. This type of flooring is created using a couple of different application techniques. First, colors are chosen to accent the flooring according to the specific design tastes and requirements of the client. Then, scoring is done by making shallow cuts to the surface of the concrete flooring with circular saws.

While many clients to use just a single color for this type of decorative concrete flooring, one of the more popular flooring trends in Florida includes the use of multiple shades to create a unique pattern. Make sure to have your floors sealed after getting this type of treatment to ensure that they continue to look great over time.

BONUS – If you want a truly custom look for your decorative concrete flooring, scored concrete gives you the ability to create unique shapes and patterns, while using your own personal selection of colors and shades.

Where to Get Decorative Concrete Flooring

Stone Image Concrete Designs provides custom concrete flooring to all the central Florida communities. From colorful concrete overlays to decorative concrete flooring systems and a wide variety of other unique flooring options, residential and commercial clients can now get the look and feel of seamless concrete flooring that will outperform conventional flooring materials.

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