Outdoor Renovations: Stamped Concrete Patio Designs

concrete-patio-designsWhen it comes to renovating or decorating your outdoor living space, the most important place to start is with the patio flooring. The type of outdoor flooring that you choose will set the tone for the rest of your decor and stamped concrete patio designs can give homeowners an unlimited choice of options to truly customize the look and feel of their outdoor space.

Customization is one of the most attractive advantages of stamped concrete. From various colors and stains to all of the unique shapes, designs and textures available in concrete overlay flooring, it is possible to create a truly custom finished product that is designed perfectly to enhance your existing concrete patios and floors.

A Cost-Effective Option

In addition to the ability to customize your stamped concrete patio designs, property owners can save a lot of money compared to re-pouring a brand new patio by choosing to work with concrete overlay flooring designs instead. Concrete stamping is much more budget-friendly than other types of residential flooring and requires a lot less cost for maintenance throughout the life of the product.

Many of the designs used by homeowners for remodeling or renovation purposes can be achieved in a lot less time than other types of decorative concrete flooring systems and definitely much faster than pouring new concrete. In addition to the time it takes to create completely new concrete patios and floors, it also takes a lot more time to wait for the concrete to dry and cure. Stamped concrete patio designs take just days to complete, while replacing an old and worn patio can take weeks from start to finish.

A Durable, Long-Lasting Solution

Compared to more traditional types of patios, such as tile, brick and plain, untreated cement, stamped concrete patio designs will outlast and outperform these common materials. It is important to work with a reputable concrete design team to ensure that the investment you make in your new concrete patios and floors pays off.

Concrete overlay flooring for outdoor applications can endure a wide range of temperature changes and exposure to the elements. While snow storms and ice aren’t a concern for Florida homeowners, extreme weather conditions do exist. Heavy rain, flooding and exposure to the salty air in the coastal regions can damage conventional patio materials. However, another one of the advantages of stamped concrete is that the sealants used to create this type of flooring provide additional protection from UV rays and inclement weather.

Great Looking Results

Perhaps one of the most important reasons why homeowners choose stamped concrete patio designs for their remodeling projects is the beautiful results that are seen in the finished product. The products and tools used to create these artful designs can be made to look just like natural slate and flagstone or high quality granite and marble. The only limit to the colors, tones, highlights, shapes, patterns and textures that can be used is your own imagination.

The modern techniques used to create today’s concrete overlay flooring are much more advanced than the methods used just a few years ago. As a result, the ability to truly customize concrete patios and floors outdoors has grown drastically. Landscaping your home and expanding your outdoor living area to enjoy the beautiful year-round weather of central Florida has never been easier – or more beautiful.

Professionally Installation Makes a Big Difference

While you will see a lot of DIY videos and websites online promising a simple step-by-step guide to concrete overlay flooring, creating stamped concrete patio designs is definitely not something for the average do-it-yourself homeowner. Aside from the training and technique that is required to properly install custom concrete patios and floors, the products and tools that are used by professionally installers are not typically available to non-tradesmen.

Because the cost of stamped concrete patio designs is so much more affordable than other materials and applications, the time and effort that you would put into trying to learn how to do it yourself plus buying all the materials at retail, would not pay off. It is worth the investment to hire a reputable concrete flooring designer and installer in order to achieve the best possible results for your outdoor remodeling project.

Where to Get Stamped Concrete Patio Design in Florida

Residential and commercial property owners in the Williston,  Orlando, Ocala, Gainsville, Tampa and Daytona Beach areas can contact Stone Image Concrete Designs for a professional consultation and estimate on upgrading their concrete patios and floors. Choose from a wide array of colors, textures and patterns to create the patio of your dreams. Call Stone Image Concrete Designs today for more information.